Event » AGBMS 2015 Miracle Gala

Submitted by Tom Shull

The Hilton Chicago
720 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60606

This one of a kind gala is built from the ground up to be welcoming to all ages, while keeping the formality worthy of its setting. Held in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Chicago, the Miracle Gala is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Alexander Graham Bell Montessori & Alternatives in Education for Hard of Hearing/Deaf Individuals. The event is dedicated to our honorees where we get the chance to thank those who have made great strides in the advancement of Cued Speech and those who are staunch supporters of our school.  

We are happy to have our popular entertainment return again this year: Elementals from The Seelie Players, an Expressionist Speedpainter, Elliot From, of ArtBeat Live, Magic by Jeanette Andrews, & a live performance by The Students of AGBMS. Don’t worry! The Gopho Collective will be in attendance to capture the special memories of the night and Access Chicago will make you dance until the end.

This year we are proud to honor Thomas Shull & Dr. Miriam Redleaf for their Miracle Achievements, The Midwest Furniture Club & MotrGrafx as our Supporting Angels, & our Shooting Stars - Benjamin Lachman & Aaron Rose of Cue Cognatio.

Thomas Shull - One of the Co-Creators of the Cued Speech Amharic adaptation who also traveled to Ethiopia in January & February of 2015 to teach deaf children along side their teachers, fellow students, doctors, and families.

Dr. Miriam Redleaf - For taking her already extraordinary commitment to her deaf patients (including house calls & family support) and expanding it across the world; teaching surgeons in Ethiopia and setting up programs for educators of the Deaf. http://www.hearingchicago.com/

The Midwest Furniture Club - for providing loyal support to AGBMS & AEHI for many years. www.midwestfurnitureclub.com

Delia Saboya of Motr Grafx – The printing genius behind our Galas and signage. http://www.motrgrafx.com/

Benjamin Lachman & Aaron Rose of CueCognatio - For spreading the word of Cued Speech through video projects and supporting Cue Camps & families across the nation.  http://cueeverything.com/videos/

Please visit us at  http://www.miraclegala.com & http://www.agbms.org for more information

To donate an in-kind item for the auction & raffle please see the form here: http://tinyurl.com/ns6a22f (.pdf from the Miracle Gala Website) or email tiana.cove@agbms.org

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