Event » Cue Camp Virginia on Columbus Day weekend

Submitted by Suzy Brown

Jamestown 4-H Education Center
3751 4-H Club Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Cue Camp VA is now open for registration!  This year, we have a very special guest - Internationally Renowned Audiologist Dr. Charles Berlin!  (Please click on the link to learn more about him!)

Cue Camp VA has been around for 26 years, it is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in everything Cued Speech. There are classes and workshops for cuers of all abilities - from families new to cueing to professional CLT development with certification credit available thru LMI’s TECunit. There are also a wide variety of supportive presentations, including DHH technology, the neuroscience of Cued Speech, in the past we’ve had massage and relaxation techniques, navigating the IEP process, and of course this year, we are very excited to have Dr. Berlin, who will be giving two presentations (which all are invited to), one geared for the general audience and one specifically for professionals.

General Registration Information can be found here:


Professional Day Registration - for non-campers who want to come to Dr. Berlin’s presentation:


There are scholarships available for professionals, families new to cuing, and families of preschool age cuers!

For more info, check out the NVCSA website!

See you at camp!

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