Event » Cued American English Mechanics I: Intensive

Submitted by Suhad Keblawi

NVCC Annandale Campus, CN Building room 231
8333 Little River Turnpike
Annandale, VA 22003

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This workshop is designed to improve the expressive accuracy of cuers. Participants will learn about the more subtle aspects of cueing English. Topics include: side placement/movements; incorrect insertion and deletion of consonants; “th” words, voiced and unvoiced plural endings; how to convey prosodic information such as stress, inflection, and reduced vowels. Students learn to prioritize errors based on frequency, impact to meaning, clarity, and standardized test measures. Goals and structure of expressive assessments will be presented.

Pre-requisite(s): This two-day course is appropriate for participants who have already learned the system for Cued American English. This course is not an introduction to Cued Speech.

Instructor: Thomas Shull, TSC: IV

This course is free for VA Educational Interpreters, $50 for all others (checks payable to LMI Inc.)

To register for this course, contact Suhad Keblawi by January 5, 2015 at:


703-297-2384 (c)