Event » Introduction to Cued American English

Submitted by Tom Shull

Hilton Garden Inn
108 Carolina Point Parkway
Greenville SC 29605

During this interactive workshop you will learn how the eight handshapes (groups of consonants) and four placements (groups of vowels) of the Cued Speech system are combined to express English visually. You will acquire the skills to leave the workshop and become a proficient cuer. The workshop will introduce the complete system and offer suggestions for developing your skills af- ter the workshop.

There will be a lunch break each day for students on their own.

Students are invited to join the NCSA for Cues on Tap Friday evening Nov 6. Check the website at Cuedspeech.org for updates.

Instructors: NCSA Certified Instructors will teach each class.

Preregistration is required. Class space is limited to 30. Registration at door only available if space allows. 

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