Event » Summer Study Group - Intensive Cued Speech Practice

Submitted by Suzy Brown

The Brown's Home
6029 Forrest Hollow Lane
Springfield VA 22152

Intensive Cued Speech Practice, #8  FINAL

Topic of the Week:  Cue Reading

Join us every Tuesday evening all summer long for a fun group practice event!

Cuers of all levels welcome, great for transliterators and parents of cue kids to get practice and support from our local Cue-munity!

Family friendly event, child care provided for a flat family fee of $10.

You can find out more details, RSVP, and look up past week’s Topics on our FB page:


Slideshows of every study group are available in the ‘Files’ section, it’s easy to start your own study group wherever you may be and you’re welcome to use the slideshows.  

Keep Calm and Cue On!   

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