Formatting Articles

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There are multiple levels of headers (heading 1 through heading 6) that you can use to organize the article.

Adding a table

Click on the table icon in the toolbar.  You’ll get a popup that asks you for the number of rows and columns you need (you can add more after you create the table).  Enter the information and click OK.  You’ll get a table:


Table heading

Sometimes you want to add a heading to a table.  Place your cursor in the table and right click to get a popup menu.  Select “Table Properties” from this menu.  On the left, you’ll see a drop-down box for headers.  Select “First Row”, “First Column” or “Both”.  If you select “First Row”, your table will look like this:


If you select “First Column”, your table will look like this:


If you select “Both”, your table will look like this: