Learn to Cue Online!

Introduction to Cued English 

Distance learning brings instruction to you. Our online learning course is effective, fun, and flexible.

You'll learn the entire Cued Speech system in four (4) 60-minute direct sessions. Instruction is supplemented by video lessons, print materials, and interactive computer games. 

Additionally, you are given 30-minutes of flex time. If you find yourself struggling, you can schedule additional time to get clarification. If you're sailing through your lessons, use your flex time to focus on a specific skill or take your learning to a higher level.  

This is an affordable, time-effective approach to learn to cue (or revisit the system.) Enroll Now! 

Cue Coaching

Are there words that still trip you up? Do you want to make sure you're practicing correctly? After learning to cue, you might still have questions or need pointers. This online service is designed for people who already know how to cue (at any level), but need some guidance. These online learning sessions enable you to meet 1:1 with an expert instructor to work on exactly what you need. Ask questions, practice words, or get tips. 

Participants enroll in a 30-minute online session with an instructor. The topics are up to you. You can come with a list of questions or ask your instructor to be ready with practice materials to boost your clarity and accuracy. Either way, the learning will be tailored for you and your expressive cueing needs. Enroll Now!