Cued English Mechanics

Mechanics I: Intensive

This course covers the essential elements of clear and accurate cued English. Topics include: form, consonant and vowel accuracy, connected discourse (i.e., liaisons), flicks, reduced vowels, and prosody. Students learn to prioritize errors based on frequency, impact to meaning, clarity, and standardized test measures. 

Mechanics II: Worksession

In this course, students learn to apply the concepts covered in Mechanics I into their cueing. Practice activities encompass a broad range of topics while allowing individuals to emphasize the specific skills they need. Stress, rhythm, intensity, and mood are explored in detail and students learn techniques to increase fluency and naturalness.

Mechanics III: Self-Assessment

This course provides a detailed snapshot of your cueing skills. Which aspects of cueing are your strengths? Where should you focus your practice? In this class, each student prepares a videotaped cueing sample, then privately assesses the sample looking at specific skills. Students learn techniques for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. 

Mechanics IV: Consultation

This course is designed to help students cope with the anxiety that accompanies testing and evaluation. Strategies that boost performance on standardized testing are introduced. Students consult with each other and the instructor to construct a profile of their cueing skill level and determine readiness for testing. Activities continue to expand the participants' self-assessment of skills and work to make them immune to the stress of assessment.