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We do not cue based on spelling. Practice: business, tomb, minute, scissors, echoes, mosquitoes.


  • /bɪˈznɪs/
  • /biˈznis/
  • /bĭˈznĭs/
  • 4t2s4t3s


  • /tuˈm/
  • /tueˈm/
  • /to͞oˈm/
  • 5c5s


  • /mɪˈnɪt/
  • /miˈnit/
  • /mĭˈnĭt/
  • 5t4t5s


  • /sɪˈzɚz/
  • /siˈzurz/
  • /sĭˈzûrz/
  • 3t2m2s


  • /ɛˈkoʊz/
  • /ehˈkohz/
  • /ěˈkōz/
  • 5c2sf2s


  • /məskiˈtoʊz/
  • /məskeeˈtohz/
  • /məskēˈtōz/
  • 5sd3s2m5sf2s

ClueNotation » 4t5s5t4s

Yesterday's solution was Topaz

Language Matters to Offer Training at NCSA Board Meeting

By Tom Shull | Friday, July 11, 2014

When the National Cued Speech Association meets in Pittsburg November 7-8, Language Matters will be there to offer two days of transliterator training. Instructor training and certification has been offered along side board meetings in the past...

Amazon is Smiling at the NCSA

By Tom Shull | Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Amazon.com the mega, online, book-and-everything-else retailer launched a program that could help fund important projects by the National Cued Speech Association. With just a few clicks, you could help make that happen. Read more to find out how.

Earl Fleetwood Named RID’s Director of Certification

By Tom Shull | Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Earl Fleetwood, who helped to codify the field of cued language transliteration and who established the TECUnit as the certifying body for practitioners, is the new Director of Certification for The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), the national organization dedicated to establishing national standards for interpreters and transliterators who interpret between ASL and English.

Middle-Schooler Makes Cueing News in Denver

By Tom Shull | Saturday, May 3, 2014

7News in Denver, Colorado featured Max Tucker, a middle-school student, who cues with his family.

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