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Did you know?

When added to words ending in /k/, the suffix -s is pronounced as /s/. Practice: bakes, works, drinks, trunks, seeks.


  • /beɪˈks/
  • /bayˈks/
  • /bāˈks/
  • 4c5t2s3s


  • /wɚˈks/
  • /wurˈks/
  • /wûrˈks/
  • 6m2s3s


  • /drɪˈŋks/
  • /driˈngks/
  • /drĭˈngks/
  • 1s3t8s2s3s


  • /trʌˈŋks/
  • /truhˈngks/
  • /trŭˈngks/
  • 5s3sd8s2s3s


  • /siˈks/
  • /seeˈks/
  • /sēˈks/
  • 3m2s3s

ClueNotation » 1c7s 4m2sd5s2s 3m

Yesterday's solution was Pink Slip

France Taking Cueing to the Beach

By Tom Shull | Monday, April 11, 2016

France's annual Cued Speech learning retreat, or stage d'été, is heading to the beach. The Association de Langage Parlé Complété which advocates and teaches the French Adaptation of Cued Speech announced [more]

Back to Africa

By Tom Shull | Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016

Once again a group of American cuers will travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to teach cueing at schools for the deaf. On this, the third trip to Africa, the scope has been expanded. [Read More]

New Feature: Adaptive Notation for Phonetic Transcription

By Tom Shull | Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016

One of our favorite aspects of DailyCues is that you select your pronunciation symbols and examples throughout the site adapt to you. That system just got even better. [Read More.]

Calling On All Native Deaf Cuers

By Suhad Keblawi | Monday, Jan. 4, 2016

Help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cued Speech and we will celebrate you!

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