Our online wiki about all things Cued Speech. Log in to create, edit, revise about a multitude of topics. The idea is not to replace wikipedia, but to give cuers a place to write about topics specifically as they relate to the cueing community.


Our interactive Cued Speech dictionary contains 139,000+ versions of English words with pronunciation (displayed in your preferred symbols) and with cue notation. More than 2,500 items are demonstrated with video and that number will continue to grow. 

Word List Generator

There are advantages to teaching a computer to cue. Our Basic Word List Generator allows you to find English words based on how they are cued. Need words that only contain handshapes 5 and 3? It can do that. (By the way, there are 1,398 of those.) Need to turn a list into a worksheet? It'll do that, too. Want it to teach an introductory class for you? Ok, no. It can't do that. But we're working on it.

Quizzes and Games

We love games. (Did you think we were going to say we love quizzes?) These links will take you to various interactive activities to improve your skills and knowledge. Practice recognizing the difference between /s/ and /z/, which "th" to use, or how to find flicks.