Basic word list generator


Use the Basic Word List Generator to make word lists for you or your students. By choosing the cues to allow in your search, you'll get only those words that you (or your students) are able to cue. The purposes of this search tool are to: help new cuers find appropriate practice words and to assist instructors gather words for various stages in their curricula.

Must include
Select Must Include for the cues that must occur in each word in your list. These included cues may be the target of your practice or the objective of your lesson. If you check Must Include for handshape 3, every word in your list will contain /h/, /s/, or /r/ (as well as any of the other cues you allow to occur).
Select Allow for the cues that you are willing to permit in any of the words in your list. These are the cues that have already been learned and can be drawn from for your word list. If you allow handshape 5, then /m/, /f/, and/or /t/ may or may not appear in the words.
Words in your list may or may not contain cues you've selected to allow. By selecting allow for all the cues you have learned so far, the list will only contain words that can be cued at this point.
Select Exclude to prevent cues from appearing in your word list. These are cues that have not yet been learned or may be too difficult for a practice activity.
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