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Did you know?

There are many ways to pronounce –ough. Practice: cough, rough, though, through, thought, plough, slough, hiccough.


  • /kɔˈf/
  • /kawˈf/
  • /kôˈf/
  • 2c5s


  • /rʌˈf/
  • /ruhˈf/
  • /rŭˈf/
  • 3sd5s


  • /ðoʊˈ/
  • /tHohˈ/
  • /t͟hōˈ/
  • 2sf


  • /θruˈ/
  • /thrueˈ/
  • /thro͞oˈ/
  • 7s3c


  • /θɔˈt/
  • /thawˈt/
  • /thôˈt/
  • 7c5s


  • /plɑʊˈ/
  • /plowˈ/
  • /plowˈ/
  • 1s6s5t


  • /slʌˈf/
  • /sluhˈf/
  • /slŭˈf/
  • 3s6sd5s


  • /hɪˈkəp/
  • /hiˈkəp/
  • /hĭˈkəp/
  • 3t2sd1s

ClueNotation » 6c6s2s6c7s

Yesterday's solution was Knight

A New Look (and Web Address) for Language Matters

By Tom Shull | Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019

Lose the hyphen, Language Matters, Inc. has a new web address and look for their website [read more].

Fluency Tapes Get New Life

By Tom Shull | Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019

Language Matters re-released its Gaining Fluency product in online streaming format. The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is told at ten rates increasing in the number of syllables per second. [read more]

CLT Position (MA)

By Tom Shull | Monday, May 28, 2018

Seeking a full-time contract sign language interpreter or cued speech transliterator for our Designated Healthcare Interpreter (DI) position starting July 2nd for a medical resident in Massachusetts. This is a unique residency in that it will not entail ... [read more]

We Moved! But Nobody Told Us

By Tom Shull | Monday, Jan. 9, 2017

Our outage on January 8th and 9th was due to the fact that our hosting company migrated our site to another server. This caused a series of problems for users. Unfortunately, we weren't notified about the move. (This new server better have a pool and a fitness center.) As of this writing, the search function is still not operating. Sorry for the inconvenience. We're monitoring and will work to make sure we're back at 100% asap.

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