The National Cued Speech Association's Instructor of Cued Speech National Certification Examination (ICSNCE), informally referred to as the InsCert exam, is the national certification test for instructors of introductory Cued Speech. Passing this exam is one of the requirements to become a Certified Instructor of Cued Speech. Other requirements for certification include: current membership in the NCSA, passing score on an expressive cueing assessment, attendance of the Basic Instructor Workshop, and 15 hours of demonstrated coursework/activity. To maintain certification instructors must maintain NCSA membership, pass expressive cueing assessment every three years, and submit list of at list 15 hours of cueing related activity every three years.


  1. Basic Instructor Workshop


1.  Assessing Cue Errors: 30 video clips of single words and short phrases which may be correct or contain a handshape error, placement error, form error, or the incorrect number of cues.

2.  Multiple Choice Questions: 100 multiple choice questions covering a variety of topics (such as cueing mechanics, appropriate cueing, linguistics, research, representing the NCSA, other organizations related to cueing and deafness, interpreting and transliteration, audiology, speech, and speechreading)