code of conduct

The Cued Language Transliterator Code of Conduct (©1989 Fleetwood, Metzger) codifies the professional behavior for CLTs.

A cued language transliterator shall:

  1. Facilitate communication between deaf/hard-of-hearing cued language consumers and hearing consumers.
  2. Provide sound-based environmental information to deaf/hard-of-hearing consumers of cued language.
  3. Provide appropriate training to deaf/hard-of-hearing consumers to allow for proper transliterator utilization.
  4. Provide hearing consumers with appropriate demonstration/ explanation of the transliterator role.
  5. Demonstrate and implement ongoing reverence for the preservation and promotion of complete and equal access.
  6. Promote the progression of events as if circumstances do not necessitate transliterator presence.
  7. Adhere to the ethical standards of transliterating for deaf/hard-of-hearing consumers.
  8. Support the profession of cued language transliteration by striving to improve related skills and knowledge and the application thereof.