Handshape 2

Handshape 2 represents the consonants phonemes /kkkkkkkkk, ðt͟htHðt͟htHðt͟htH, vvvvvvvvv, zzzzzzzzz/. Other important concepts related to this handhsape include cueing vaiations of "-s" and differentiating the two phonemes represented by "th".


Mnemonic Phrases

  • the very calm zoo
  • the caves


Handshape 2 and Vowels

ache, acre, cause, curves, key, keys, the, thee, these, they, those, though, visa, zoos

Handshape 2 and Other Consonants Handshapes

aches, back, bike, brother, dark, days, dove, them, verdict, wither, zookeeper

More Practice

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