Handshape 4

Handshape 4 represents the consonant phonemes /bbbbbbbbb, nnnnnnnnn, ʍhwhwʍhwhwʍhwhw/. 


Mnemonic Phrases

  • whales bite nails
  • by when
  • white bone
  • white notebook


Handshape 4 and Vowels

baby, bay, banana, be, bee, been, binboy, by, bye, knew, known, no, now, noun, when, why

Handshape 4 and Other Consonant Handshapes

ball, baked, bakes, barn, bass, big, black, blood, boats, brain, bread, break, bull, bunk, coin, fine, green, hand, knees, knobs, line, mind, niece, nose, notch, once, strained, turn

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