Handshape 6

Handshape 6 represents the consonants /ʃshshʃshshʃshsh, lllllllll, wwwwwwwww/. 


Mnemonic Phrases

  • ships love water
  • wet shell


Handshape 6 and Vowels

aisle, law, lay, lie, low, lull, lush, nail, she, shoe, wall, wash, washer, way, well, Unknown dictionary link {{were|wɚˈ|were}}, why, will, wish, wool, wow

Handshape 6 and Other Consonant Handshapes

black, blood, bush, clause, close, cool, drills, fall, full, girl, glitch, hill, hold, learn, let, lip, love, mile, mush, old, place, pushed, rolled, sail, school, shapes, ship, should, skull, squash, swished, wait, waste, watch, weed

More Practice

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