The Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit (TECUnit) is the national testing organization for the American Cued Speech community. The acronym is written as a single word (with no spaces) and capital "TECU", but lowercase "nit".


The TECUnit began as the Training, Evaluation, and Certification Unit – a committee formed by the National Cued Speech Association. This committee provided training workshops nationally, developed the standards of cued language transliteration as codifed in the Cued Language Transliterator Code of Conduct, developed standardized testing. In 1997, the TECunit was divided into two separate organizations: the re-named Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit (which no longer provided any training) and a private company Language Matters. This separation divided the training and testing divisions into separate organizations.


Basic Cued Speech Proficiency Rating (BCSPR) - No longer offered.

Cued Speech Reading Test (CSRT) - No longer offered.

Cued American English Competency Screening - Expressive (CAECS-E)

Cued American English Competency Screening - Receptive (CAECS-R)

Cued Language Transliterator State Level Assessment (CLTSLA)

Cued Language Transliterator National Certification Examination (CLTNCE)

External Links

TECUnit.org - The official website of the Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit.