CueEverything Shows Cueing in a Different Light

By Tom Shull | Friday, April 18, 2014

The Lachman name is well-known in Cued Speech. Ron and Mary Ann Lachman helped create the AG Bell Montessori School near Chicago, IL. Dedicated advocates, the Lachmans supported numerous Cued Speech projects. Their son Ben, a deaf native cuer, is also active in the community.

An NCSA board member, he recently launched the website Lachman describes CueEverything as a media hub for cuers to write about their experiences with Cued Speech and even post their own “cuesic videos” (cued music videos). Responding to requests for YouTube videos, Lachman saw this as an opportunity to provide some entertainment featuring cueing outside of an academic format. “We always talk about Cued Speech as a mode of communication but we don't really show what that means,” Ben says.

Mirabai Knight, a new cuer and provider of computer-aided transcription services, posted a cued version of “They Can’t Take that Away from Me.” She thinks CueEverything is “fantastic… really great receptive practice.”

Lachman hopes cuers of all levels will continue to submit videos. You can contact Ben Lachman through his website,