Editing Help Pages

The Help section of DailyCues is editable. Members can add topics and edit pages to clarify the how-to information for the site. For the most part, the same rules apply when editing Help pages as iQpedia articles. However, there are a few essential differences with regards to creating internal links.

Internal Links

iQpedia Links

Internal links between the pages of DailyCues are created by placing double brackets around the link. By default, these bracketed links connect to and create iQpedia articles. So, in order to link to a Help page, some additional syntax (i.e., programing language) is required.

Help Links

To link to a Help page, type: double brackets, then the word help immediately followed by a colon, the link title, and close with double brackets. For example:

[[help:How do I edit Help pages?]]

The insertion of "help:" before the term tells DailyCues to put the article in the Help wiki instead of the iQpedia.

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