Submit news or an announcements

Purpose of News Announcements

The News and Announcements has two main funtions: (1) For community members to announce noteworthy informtion relevant to the cueing community and (2) For DailyCues to convey information to users regarding changes to the site and its use.


Submissions have two main parts: (1) a summary and (2) the actual article. The summary is around 25 words or less and is the text that appears to members that entices them to click to see the whole story. Good summaries give the heart of the message and make readers want to know more. The summary can be written separately from the article or it may simply be an excerpt from the main article that is cut and pasted into place.


From the toolbar in the header of any DailyCues page, click on CONTRIBUTE and scroll down to NEWS

This will lead you to the submission page where you can write the title, summary, and article with the same editing tools found on other parts of this site.

Approval of News

Like external links, news and announcements post to this site only after being approved by DailyCues administrators. We do this to avoid getting news articles like "Stern Rulez" and "Male Enhancement 50% Off."

Also, it's important that articles be accurate, grammatical, and free of typos. Since a news article is not editable by the community, it needs to be typo free before they post. News articles are also on the front page of the site, so please take care that any submission represents our community well. 

That being said, we really do want your news. DailyCues is a free venue to spread the word to the cueing community.