Advocacy for Cued Language Transliterating Services in IEP's

A PSA for those working to secure Cued Language Transliterating services in a public school system. Please refer to the last three pages of this document:…/dcl-faqs-effective-communication-20141…

While discussing how a public school evaluates a child's services needs, it states that: "Assessments or other evaluation materials must be provided and administered in the child's native language or other mode of communication and in the form most likely to yield accurate information on what the child knows and can do academically, developmentally, and functionally, unless it is clearly not feasible to do so."

This means parents and their support systems have a responsibility to develop Cued English as one of the child's communication modalities. Then in any conversation with a school district's evaluation committee, insist on the provision of Cued Language Transliterating services if that's what they wish to receive during their academic career. Sidebar: Raising that point creates demand for certified CLT's.

Furthermore, in this same document, it includes Cued Language Transliteration Services under the term "related services" so many of the talking points a parent or student advocate needs are present in existing U.S. Department of Education documents.