CS Organizations (Abroad)


  • LPC Belgique » The website for the Belgian Cued Speech association.

England (and the UK)

  • Cued Speech Association UK » The official website of the national Cued Speech organization for England. Includes charts, newsletters, information sheets, and tips for implementing CS in the home, therapy, and classroom settings.


  • ALPC France » L'Association de Langage Parlé Complété (A.L.P.C.) is the national advocacy and training association for Cued Speech in France serving families and professionals. Site contains information in French regarding Cued Speech, various applications, and "les stages" (cuecamps) which are offered yearly.


South Africa

  • Cued Speech South Africa » Cued Speech South Africa was founded in 2007, with main objective of promoting the use of Cued Speech in South Africa. It is a voluntary association and is based near the KZN midlands village of Mid Illovo, approximately 60 km from Pietermaritzburg and 90 km from Durban.