Cued American English Competency Screening-Receptive

The purpose of the Cued American English Competency Screening - Receptive (CAECS-R) is to evaluate the basic receptive skills of a candidate in regards to cued American English.


The CAECS-R is offered through the mail. A videotape of cued material is mailed to a proctor who oversees the candidate's testing. The candidate views the videotaped material and writes the word that was cued.

Test material is divided into four sections. In each section, the candidate is presented with a list of words. In two sections, the candidate attempts to speechread material (without the benefit of cues). The purpose of these sections is to get a baseline with which to compare the candidate's actual cue reading ability and to assist raters with providing feedback.The speechreading sections are not rated. In the remaining two sections, the candidate must cue read single word utterances and indicate answers on the provided answer form. These are the sections that determine the candidates score.

Each word is presented twice. This test is very basic. Receptive fluency is not measured. This test is intended to assess the candidate's basic cue reading skills and to provide diagnostic feedback based on the answers provided.


Candidate responses are scored as correct or incorrect. Partial credit is not awarded. A score of 85% or higher must be achieved to pass. Along with the CAECS-E, the CAECS-R is a required prerequisite to register for the CLT National Certification Examination.