Cued Language Transliterator Professional Education Series

The Cued Language Transliterator Professional Education Series (CLTPES) is a transliterator training program designed by Earl Fleetwood and Melanie Metzger, PhD. These courses are offered through Language Matters, Inc.


The CLTPES evolved out of the Cued Speech Transliterator Summer Training Program at Gallaudet University.


Education Interpreting Defined

CLT Skills I

CLT Skills II

CLT Skills III

CLT Skills IV:Transphonation

CLT Skills IV: Receptive

CLT Skills IV: AES and Information Chunking

CLT Skills V: Transphonation

CLT Skills V: Silent Workshop

CLT Skills V: Cued Interaction

CLT Mock Evaluation and Self-Assessment I

CLT Self Assessment II: Spoken to Cued

CLT Self Assessment II: Cued to Spoken

CLT Ethical Decision Making I

CLT Ethical Decision Making II


Instructors of the CLTPES are transliterators who have been nationally certified through the CLTNCE. Several also work as sign language interpreters, classroom teachers, and speech-language pathologists.