Écoles primaires du Curé-Lequin et St-Jude

L'École St-Jude (The St-Jude School), in Montréal, Canada, uses French Cued Speech with deaf students. Additionally the school provides training for parents and video lessons prepared by speech therapists.

External Links

L'Écoles primaires du Curé-Lequin et St-Jude - the official website of the schools in French with examples of LPC in action.

Note that the Quebecois accent requires minor changes to some pronunciations: a 't' followed by a 'u' such as the pronoun, 'tu' is cued as 'tsu' 5s 3t (or in french 5c 3g); in the same way, a 'd' followed by a 'u' is cued as 'dzu' 1s 2t (or in french 1c 2g). A winter knit hat, a tuque, is therefore cued as tsuque. 

This dictionary should help: http://cure-lequin.ecoles.csmv.qc.ca/files/2011/09/Dictionnaire-LPC_v8.pdf