French Cued Speech (La Langue française Parlée Complétée)

**This article uses the adaptive notation system you selected in you profile. You will also notice that many phonemes are written using the International Phonetic Alphabet. This is because some phonemes in French do not exist in American English and no equivalent could be shown.

La Langue française Parlée Complétée (LPC) is the French language term for cued French. Literally, "Supplemented Spoken French Language", this term has been adopted over the previous and more general term Le Langage Parlé Complété which was equivalent to the term cued language.

Consonant Cues

Handshape Consonant Phonemes Examples
/ʒzhzhʒzhzhʒzhzh/, /ddddddddd/, /ppppppppp/ jeu (game) de (of) paume (hand)
/kkkkkkkkk/, /vvvvvvvvv/, /zzzzzzzzz/ café (cafe), va (go), zéro (zero)
/sssssssss/, /rrrrrrrrr/ souris (mouse)
/ɥ/, /bbbbbbbbb/, /nnnnnnnnn lui1 (him), bon (good), noir (black)
/ttttttttt/, /mmmmmmmmm/, /fffffffff/ ton (your) magasin (store) favori (favorite)
/ʃshshʃshshʃshsh/, /wwwwwwwww/,/lllllllll/, /ɲ/ chat (cat), oui (yes), la (the),  vigne2 (vine)
/ggggggggg/ gateâu3 (cake)
/ŋngngŋngngŋngng/, /jyyjyyjyy/ camping (camping), fille (girl)

1This sound is similar to the /ʍhwhwʍhwhwʍhwhw/ sound in some dialects of English.

2This single phoneme is similar to the Spanish ñ or the two phonemes /nnnnnnnnn/ and /jyyjyyjyy/ found in the word lasagna.

3Handshape 7 only represents a single consonant phoneme. 

Placement Vowel Phonemes Examples
/a/, /o/, /œ/, /ə/

ma (my), faux (fake), jeune (young), le (the)

/ɛ̃/, /ø/

main (hand), feu (fire)


/i/, /ɔ̃/, /ɑ̃/


lit (bed), ton (your), plan (plan)
/u/, /ɛ/, /ɔ/ tous (all), mais (but), fort (strong)
/œ̃/, /y/, /e/ un (a), tu (you), blé (wheat)

External Links

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  • LPC Belgique » The website for the Belgian Cued Speech association.
  • DATHA » DATHA develops technology to support children with special needs in France. Materials for French and English (UK) Cued Speech are available as well as stories cued in French (histoires codées).
  • English Cued Speech and LPC Video Resource - This video demonstrates and compares French Cued Speech with the system used in England. 
  • Pipou, l'oiseau This illustrated children's story is presented with cued and spoken French as well as French text.
  • Chart of LPC - An online .pdf chart of French cues in French.