Handshape 1

Handshape 1 represents the consonants /ddddddddd, ppppppppp, ʒzhzhʒzhzhʒzhzh/. Other important concepts tied to this handshape are the variations of "-ed" endings and recognizing the consonant phoneme /ʒzhzhʒzhzhʒzhzh/.


Mnemonic Phrases

  • deep azure
  • deep treasure
  • Zsa Zsa prefers diamonds
  • je dupe


Handshape 1 and Vowels

azureday, deepdid, die, do, paper, Papa, pay, pepper, per, pie

Handshape 1 and other consonant cues

bread, dance, days, dime, kept, lead, mind, plunge, top, words

More Practice

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