Handshape 3

Handshape 3 represents the consonant phonemes /hhhhhhhhh, sssssssss, rrrrrrrrr/. It is typically introduced early in an introductory curriculum (often following handshape 5). Because it represents the phoneme /sssssssss/, it is important for pluralization (e.g., cats), possessives (e.g., Chip's), and verb agreement (e.g., he walks).


Mnemonic Phrases

  • horse
  • sea horse
  • red hot sun
  • horrible reeking stench
  • rattlesnakes hiss


Handshape 3 and Vowels

air, C, cease, ear, hairy, hare, hearse, her, here, hi, high, higherhoe, horse, hour, house, how, or, our, race, rear, recess, rehearse, rice, row, rye, sauce, saucer, see, sew, sigh, so, sour, soy, who

Handshape 3 and Other Handshape Cues

base, best, Claire, crops, feast, fire, ghosts, green, grew, help, leased, must, red, roof, sail, same, scraped, skull, space, stairs, streets, strong, suit, through, tossed, trunks, whole

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