Handshape 7

Handshape 7 represents the consonant phonemes /ggggggggg, ʤjjʤjjʤjj, θththθththθthth, /.


Mnemonic Phrases

  • girls juggle thimbles
  • thin jogger
  • gorilla jewel thief
  • three good jokes


Handshape 7 and Vowels

age, Earth, edge, egg, G, gag, gauge, go, J, jaw, jig, jog, jogger, joy, judge, jury, thug, urge

Handshape 7 and Other Consonant Cues

eggs, game, gem, get, ghosts, girl, good, grace, java, joyous, large, just, myth, south, third, three, urged, urges, with

More Practice

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