Individualized Education Plan

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Ed. Plan is a document written for students whose disabilities interfere with their ability to access the curriculum. The document outlines how the disability(-ies) affect(s) the child's learning, accommodations that enhance the child's performance, services that will be provided (and the conditions in which they are rendered), and annual goals and objectives that are targeted for the term of the plan.

Cued Speech Goals

Speech-Language Therapy


Role of the Cued Language Transliterator

In some cases, the transliterator may be asked to participate as a member of the IEP Team. The CLT may provide IEP goals pertaining to the appropriate use of transliteration. Transliterators may not facilitate communication at meetings in which they also intend to participate. Therefore, if deaf Cued Speech users attend the meeting, the CLT must either submit written contributions in advance and serve only as a transliterator during the meeting. If possible, another transliterator can be used to facilitate communication so that the student's CLT can participate in the meeting.

Transliterator Goals