National Cued Speech Organizations (U.S.)

National Cued Speech Organizations & Businesses

  • National Cued Speech Association (NCSA) » The official website of the National Cued Speech Association for the United States. The National Cued Speech Association champions effective communication, language development and literacy through the use of Cued Speech. The NCSA provides, instruction, advocacy, information/outreach, and support to local organizations, cue camps, and families.
  • CS Discovery Bookstore » The official bookstore of the National Cued Speech Association. CS Discovery sells instructional books, videos, games, software, and other communication science and disorders-related products. The site also has an events calendar and forum.
  • Language Matters, Inc. (LMI) » Signed, spoken, and cued language materials and services. Find transliterators, book courses, and buy products. LMI sells the video/DVD and workbook "Becoming a Proficient Cuer" which introduces the entire CS systems in a structured systematic way.
  • Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit (TECUnit) » The official website of the testing body for cued language. Provides information on the CLTNCE, CLTSLA, CAECS-E, and CAECS-R.