Spanish Cued Speech

La Palabra Complementada (LPC) is the name of the adaptation of CS to the Spanish Language. 


In 1983, Dr. Cornett presented at a conference in Spain held by the Asociación de Padres de Niños con Deficiencias Auditivas (APANDA).


Placements (posiciones) Vowels (vocales) Examples

la (the)

/o/ /e/ donde (where)
/i/ /u/ Si (yes), tú (you)

External Links

  • Método Oral Complementado (MOC) » Website on cued Spanish maintained by the Univeristy of Málaga. Presents CS as part of an auditory (re)habilitation program called the Método Oral Complementado (MOC). Contains general Cued Speech information in Spanish, updates on upcoming courses, charts, and answers to frequently asked questions


Torres, S.  (1988). La Palabra Complementada. Madrid, Spain: CEPE.