State Regulations of Cued Language Transliterators


Personnel providing educational interpreting services for children using cued speech/language shall have one of the following:

  • a valid VQAS Level III for Cued Speech; or
  • a national Transliteration Skills Certificate (TSC) from the Testing, Evaluation and Certificate Unit (TECUnit) or equivalent as recognized by VDDHH.

From now until January 1, 2010, personnel who provide interpreting services for children who use sign language or cued language and who do not hold the required qualifications may be employed in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Personnel shall have, at minimum, a valid VQAS Level I, or its equivalent, as determined by the VDDHH; or
  • Personnel shall have a passing score on the EIPA Written test and a minimum score of 2.5 on the EIPA Performance Test upon hiring date in any local educational agency in Virginia.

(See the Virginia Regulations at 8 VAC 20-81-40 E. 2.)