**This article uses symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet to represent phonemes of various languages. It was deliberately written without using the adaptive notation you selected in your profile because many symbols shown do not apply to English. For consistency, one notation system that could represent all phonemes had to be used throughout.

If you are not familiar with IPA symbols, Wikipedia provides a pretty comprehensive reference that includes examples by various English dialects (country-based).

Vinkkipuhe is the adaptation of Cued Speech for the Finnish language.


Consonant Cue Consonant Phonemes Examples
/p/, /d/, /ʒ/  
/k/, /v/, /z/  
/r/, /s/, /h/  
/b/, /n/  
/t/, /m/, /f/   
/ʃ/, /l/, /g/  
/j/, /ŋ/, /ʧ/  

External Links

  • Cued Speech Project of LapCI ry- Written in Finnish, this site provides information about the system, a chart of cues, and contact information.
  • Finnish Cued Speech » Information in Finnish on the Cued Speech Adaptation used in Finland and the organization that advocates its use.