Writing iQpedia Articles

A definition or description is a common way to start an iQpedia article. Your first paragraph should give a brief, basic overview of the topic. Many people will quickly skim this paragraph and decide to read on or search for something else.

Your next paragraph can go into greater detail. Here writers can go into secondary information.

Below are some possible main headings. Some of these may be more relevant to certain types are articles. However, they are suggested to increase consistency among articles edited by many different contributors.


If there is any historical information that may provide background, put that under the heading of "History." For instance, in the article about the TECUnit, it may be useful to know that the Teststing Evaluation and Certification Unit used to be called the "Training Evaluation and Certiciation Unit." At that time they offered classes, which they no longer do. It might also be interesting to know that the TECUnit began as a committee of the National Cued Speech Association. These historical perspectives can be intereting and useful but may not be essential information for everyone. It can be helpful to put them in their own headin so that people can skim the article quickly.



Application to Cued Speech

The whole purpose behind dailycues is to provide cuers with our own place to deposit information that is useful to our community. When writing an article, try to draw connections between the article's main topic and Cued Speech. How does the topic related to cuers? What might a transliterator need to know about this topic? Help the reader see the relevance of this article.

Sign Language Interpreting

Sometimes it may be worth providing some information on signed languages. For instance, if you're editing the article "phoneme", you might want to add a section on how contrastive segments occur in those languages. By creating this dedicated section, you allow the readers to decide if they want to learn about applications to signed languages or skip it and stick to spoken languages.

External Links

Relevant external links (to outside websites) can be placed in this section.

See Also

Here you can create a bulleted list of terms/other iQpedia articles that are related, but perhaps not immediately relevant for the body of the article. This section generally comes at the end of the iQpedia article.