Handshape 8

Handshape 8 represents the consonant phonemes /ʧchchʧchchʧchch, ŋngngŋngngŋngng, jyyjyyjyy/.


Mnemonic Phrases

  • young child
  • young children
  • Young Chang

Contact Finger

In general, placements are contacted by the longest extended finger. For example, for Handshape 2, one would touch the chin with the tip of the middle finger, instead of the index finger. The case of Handshape 8 is a little different because the two extended fingers are not together, but spread in different directions. To avoid ambiguity, the contact finger for handshape 8 differs according to the vowel placement. At the mouth placement, Handshape 8 uses the middle finger so that the index finger points away from the face (e.g., church). For the chin and throat placements the contact finger is the index finger (e.g., yes, chili).


Handshape 8 and Vowels

chew, church, each, etch, H, itch, yo, you, yea, yeah, yoyo, young

Handshape 8 and Other Consonant Handshapes

bunk, change, chips, chose, drunk, French, skunk, yam

More Practice

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