Language Matters

Language Matters, Inc. (LMI) is a privately owned company that provides cued, signed, and spoken language services and materials.


Language Matters, Inc. was incorporated in 1997.  Prior to that, LMI was part of the TECUnit which had originally been established as a training, evaluation and certification organization for cued language transliterators.  Language Matters, Inc. was formed to specifically house the training, employment, and product entities, leaving the new TECUnit eligible for "non-profit" status to continue the certification and evaluation aspects of the original group.

LMI has since branched out into providing training and information for sign language interpreters and spoken language interpreters.


LMI comprises three main divisions: Media Matters, Interpreting Matters, and Education Matters.

Media Matters

Media Matters provides products for purchase.  These include practice materials for sign language interpreters, cued language transliterators and beginning cuers.  Informational materials include books on cued American English, sign language interpreting and bound materials on cued language transliterating. Soon to come will be books for families and children using cued Spanish.

Interpreting Matters

Interpreting Matters provides sign language interpreters and cued language transliterators on request.  Interested sign language interpreters and cued language transliterators can apply by contacting Lauren Pruett via email at for work.

Education Matters

Education Matters is the training arm of the organization, providing a variety of on-site/online courses and workshops.  They offer two unique series-style trainings, one for cued language transliterators (CLTPES: Cued Language Transliterator Professional Education Series) and the other for sign and spoken language interpreters (EIPES: Effective Interpreting Professional Education Series) with courses designed, developed and taught by Dr. Carol Patrie. On-site courses and work sessions are typically provided by organizations, such as school systems, for their interpreting/transliterating employees. Remote mentoring sessions are also available. Additionally, on-site "boot camps" are offered each summer for those newly hired for cued language transliterating positions. Most of Language Matters, Inc. classes are approved for certification maintenance credits by RID and TECUnit.


Education Matters provides instructors who are trained, nationally certified professionals in their field. Instructors-to-be go through rigorous preparation which includes an indepth study of course modules, classes, and practicum experience with mentor instructors.

External Links

Language Matters - The official website of Language Matters, Inc. contains department descriptions, descriptions of courses, instructor bios, and a calendar of courses offered around the country.